Hi & Broken

Hi! first post! read About Me!

I thought the best thing to start with is a few of my best poems. I started writing serious poetry recently so I’m still work in progress. Well, we always are, right?


I awake to the stale scent of life.
closing in walls confuse my eyes
as I rise to swallow my bland hours
in mechanical motions.

In this dwelling of guilt,
I consume my own dreams
I flee from myself
only to fall in the trap of existence:
false of nature and naturally artificial.

I wash my face before the mirror.
it throws it back at me
drenched in disdain.

I converse with withered Jasmine
hanging from that old chipped vase
as I drink my coffee
slow paced
to feel every bitter sip that I deserve.

I stare across the room
to the tilted frames of regret.
They conjure up memories
that I watch in monochrome gray
as my eyes chase the shapes
of cigarette smoke.

so I dip my quill in my Turkish coffee
and write upon piles of dry stains
distorted words and mutilated visions
on the edge-line of sanity.

16/03/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Author’s Note: 

Everyday, I feel a lump choking me. everyday I take that lump out and write it down. 



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