Enchanted ~Mesteer ~

Misteer – my ethereal home.
I walk barefoot into your warmth
treading the leaves underneath.

trees rise from both sides
interlocking the tip of their branches
in instinctual arch of shelter.
I walk through knowing
that I am shedding my fears
and diving into arms of serenity.

I see a patch of light shining
at the end of the path.
I am engulfed
by a visceral moment of peace,
a premonition of what I long for.

* * *

I arrive at your heathered highland.
You welcome me into Tanit’s embrace.

a surge of soft air wraps me in euphoria,
and unleashes my mind
to ancestral self belief.

I let it carry me around this vast reverie
of still time and space
all the noise, all the distortions,
uprooted from my corporal shell,
dissipate into a plane of harmony.

* * *

Like a rippling carpet and under a cliff,
the serene sea and its waning waves
play a timeless tune calling for times past
that dwell in my dulled memory.

Thus, enchanting me, my home’s legacy,
the near and the far in history,
the family and the dominoes of ancestry
all is here,
in my ethereal home – Misteer.

10/03/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Author’s Notes:

Misteer (or Mesteer) is a natural place near my town. (now you probably have an idea about the blog title!) 
Tanit is a Carthaginian Mother Goddess and a Sky Goddess. (Carthage was the modern day Tunisia which is my country)


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