Taking Pictures N°001

I gotta tell you! I’m no photographer! I just like taking pictures, that’s all. 🙂

I do have a lot of ideas though. The problem is, so many things get in the way, figuratively and literally. So I end up taking nature pictures and occasionally some objects.

I use a hand-me-down Panasonic DMC FZ1 (busted flash – no good indoor or night pictures) from my brother. You probably think this is a joke. smartphones have better quality!

Well, I love my camera and I wouldn’t change it no matter what! It’s perfect for outdoor captures. Besides,  that camera is like a friend! Call me sentimental, I don’t care. >_<

To be honest, I’m not knowledgeable about photography techniques or anything technical so I always disregard that and go straight to the idea. I believe if you have good ideas, you can take great pictures even with a handicapped camera. I know, with techniques, one can take even greater pics! but like I said, I’m not a photographer so I’m content with the pictures I take. 🙂

I do struggle with quality (for some pics I had to edit them a bit) but I enjoy taking pictures regardless. Here’s a batch of various shots and I hope you enjoy them as well.


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