Darker than BLACK: Hei Tribute

the night sky blackened even more
to a shade that is darker than black.
no moon tonight, not ever again.
and the stars have faded to oblivion.

down below, there’s a man in a coat
clad in black and his eyes dim and blank.

people say he lost his heart to darkness
he’s as cold as the knife he carries,
a bringer of death to his enemies.

an assassin of light, he became
extinguishing the fire of the eyes.
what everyone does not know
he is but a lost scarred dreamer.

* * *

he gazes at the stars – the fake ones now.
He dreams of the day
true stars shine.

behind his shroud of dark elements
his warm heart animates his soul
rotten past and pungent smell of loss
tainted him yet he is still fighting back

torn asunder yet kept on track
he is searching, looking for the answer

why is it that he feels
why is it that he dreams
when all he should be is
darkness darker than black.


09/03/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Author’s Notes:
a tribute to the anime Darker than BLACK and the main character, Hei
 I wrote this one back in 2009 when I first watched DTB; I changed a few lines recently though. 


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