Daily Picks 18/04/2016

I wasn’t able to take pictures today. Luckily, I have a huge gallery to pick from. 🙂

I have posted enough macro shots in the past two days. I think it’s time to broaden our line of sight.

Let’s have our start on The Path


and on The Path, we might stumble upon some trees, a shadow, a bird, and a network tower (I think?!)

Let’s keep going; The Path is long but we’re almost there :p


Here we are, at last! Nothing to hold us back or limits our free minds!


Although this post ends here, The Path certainly doesn’t. In fact, it only opens up new paths and possibilities in our minds. At the peak, perception changes and whatever burden we’ve carried with us would seem light and even insignificant. And that is the whole point.

I hope you enjoyed the journey on The Path. ^_^


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