Daily Picks 19/04/2016

I wasn’t able to take pictures today either. ūüė¶

I decided to share with you my attempts at hunting cats with my crippled yet still reliable Panasonic DMC FZ1! Believe me, it was a nightmare to achieve good quality but I managed somehow.

Here’s the opener!


That’s the Boss, right there!

Now, more cats! :3

and then, more cats! :3

…and then, even more cats! :3

… and these are few of my favorites. :3

…and this is my most favorite! I only wish I was able to take that shot without maxing in my zoom! It’d have been perfect, if my camera had more than 2 megapixels too! >_<


That is how I want to take pictures. For me, it doesn’t feel interesting¬†if I shoot the subject at the dead center- end of story. I don’t know much about photography in a professional way, but it is really satisfying to be able to take a picture like the one above.

The cat isn’t a cat anymore. It’s more than that now. Looking at this, it feels like he’s telling a story or meditating about something we can’t hope to understand. And I guess, that’s the point, that aura of¬†mystery in it.

I don’t want to throw in big words that may¬†make you think I’m getting ahead of myself. However, if there’s a style of photography that perhaps one day I want to master, I’d call it ‘alienation’ or ‘defamiliarization’ (originally, used in literature.) I’m definitely¬†getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? >_<

Well, it was just a thought. At the end of the day, Photography remains a true source of joy for me and that’s all that matters. I hope you enjoyed the cute cat pictures too. ūüôā


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