Daily Picks 22/04/2016

Continuation of the last Daily Picks. Stories Pt. 2

various picks accompanied by impromptu poetry. The writes do not describe the pictures; they are simply inspired by them. 





I have stories with flowers.

They sway and dance,

oblivious to my eyes

staring at their

peculiar moves and the blend of

undetermined colors.


Flowers are beautiful, everyone says.

I guess despair is also beauty

for flowers know the inevitable

“A storm is coming.”

They seize the day.





I have stories with trees

and their wisdom of old

the decades and centuries of

arcane earthen tales and

the scarred history engraved

on trunks for us to see


Ridges of our lives run across

the surface where ants and cicadas

have their share whereas

humans set their chainsaw

and write the end of the earthen tale.


22/04/2016 © Waseem Sherif

I’m enjoying merger post between photography and impromptu poetry. It’s even cathartic for me. So I’m making a post series out of it. I hope you’ll enjoy it (at least, the pictures. I know my poetry is depressing). 


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