Daily Picks 25/04/2016

These are Picks from yesterday’s collection. I was too tired to post but here it is now.

I wasn’t able to take great pictures, but Daily Picks posts aren’t about great pictures as much as they are about my mood!

I found a few small wild flowers.


The wind was really strong. It was difficult to take macro shots of big and long flowers. The strong wind really did a number on them. there was nothing as far as I could see that was not bent. Hell, I almost got toppled!

The sea was obviously raging in return!

Well, the mighty wind did not keep me from taking pictures or even sitting in my usual place to read a few chapters of a decent John Grisham book while it wrecked havoc on everything around! Besides, I love this weather!

I’m only human though! Around 30 minutes later, I started to feel how cold the wind was. And its howling was ringing in my ears instead of my favorite wave sounds! So I packed up and went back home, but not after I took a few pictures again. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the Picks. 🙂


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