Haiku #040

a humble advice –

don’t fret about syllables

in writing haiku.


04/05/2016 Waseem Sherif

I wrote this because I’ve seen a lot of haiku blogs being so fixated on the 5-7-5 form and forget the content.

I’m not an expert on haiku but I know that even the Japanese didn’t count syllables, it was something different that they count. We shouldn’t be so fixated on syllable count while writing English haiku.

There are many schools of haiku writing. Most of them has more to do with content rather than syllables. I fell in the mistake of writing a sentence and breaking it to 5-7-5 then call it a haiku. That was embarrassing. >_<

I’m still and will always be working on my craft. It’s more difficult than it seems.

First thing I did, disregarded the syllable count as long as the middle line is longer than the other two. That and I’m reading a loooot of Japanese haiku to immerse myself in its original essence. And I try to keep it simple because I think that is how it should be.


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