Mementos (Part One)


From the Times that Were and the Times that Weren’t


Seas Stones

sea stones smooth and round

like the skin of her smiling face,

I hold them in my hands and feel

as if Love is singing a lullaby,

wrapping me in Her ethereal embrace.


Two Cups of Coffee

Two cups of coffee, long gulps and short sips,

a ritual of bitterness and joy.

an expanse of all that we have,

but only an inkling of all that we’ll have.



Dreams come and go, back and forth,

an exchange of perpetual longings

echoing in each other’s hearts and

bursting from the chaos of our frustration.


Her Smile

Erasure of time and memory

could not blur her dimpled smile.

The lost eons and dementia blights

dared not taint that eternal arch.


Waseem Sherif © 03-10/05/2016

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