Weekly Picks 30/07/2016

I finally was able to take a few good shots of the neighborhood cats. They’re all close-up ’cause I like it that way and also the place was dirty. >_<

I’m still figuring out and practicing the manual mode. I’m getting there bit by bit.

Smile on top

When I saw the title of the weekly photo challenge, I got lost in how the cherry-on-top theme can be expressed in a photograph. Many ideas came to mind but I chose to go through my photo archive first. I remembered something small from 3 years ago.

I have a nephew (3 years old at the time) when he sees the camera pointed at him, he freezes. no smile. So I tell him to smile. I always expect a slight smile but what he does is either laughs or exaggerates the smile. and that is the cherry on top. That little push of child innocence ended up with me pinching his cute cheeks after every shot :3

This is taken last year. He’s becoming cool, too. :3

ahmad 3

Obviously, there isn’t much about photography here. I couldn’t think of anything better that fits the theme. But I think human expression is very important. The pictures overall might be lacking in all aspects but if there is a unique expression, it will make it enjoyable and worth seeing.

Seriously, you can’t take your eyes off of his bright smile, right? :3

A Feast (of sorts)

Daily Prompt: Feast, huh.

Naturally, when hearing the word ‘feast’ I immediately think about food. I love food. but unfortunately right now I’m feasting on different kinds of sustenance:

Photography books/magazines and Anime.

I’m trying to learn more about photography. I believe that practicing and learning from one’s own experiences is the way to do it. But not without getting down the basics and you can only do that by studying. That’s why I’m reading photography books and magazines. I started with Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and Langford’s Starting Photography by Michael Langford & Philip Andrews. 

I also quench my thirst for anime. I usually focus on a genre for a period of time. These days I’m watching sports anime specifically, Over Drive and Giant Killing. I’m planning to watch Hungry Heart: Wild Striker and Majors afterwards.

This post is not going to end without pictures! Here’s another batch of recycled picture mesh. Not as good as the first ones. I have no idea what kind of pictures I’ll end up with when I start Photoshop. I just keep changing things and experimenting until I think it’s enough. I wanted to work and add more on these but I got tired. >_<


Pictures: Recycled: Abstract

Just fooling around with Photoshop.

I take a lot of meaningless pictures while practicing photography or just being bored. Instead of them collecting digital dust or getting erased (which I never do), I thought why not take those shots and merge them into abstract-like pictures.

I’m not a pro at Photoshop but I experimented on my own for years while trying to create my own album covers back when I used to write rap songs, only for myself though.(maybe someday I’ll share the instrumentals and lyrics but I’m not confident enough in my singing! >_< )

Anyways, I know enough of Photoshop to transform a dull and plain picture into something worth seeing.

They are few but they took me a while to finish. I hope you’ll like them.

These are the source pictures.

’til the next batch! ^_^

The Strength Behind Frailty

There is a little world

hidden inside our hearts.

a two-faced principle that

follows and defies the rules

of our existence.

it’s a place where our feet

land when we stumble.

at its core, gravity pulls

our weakness at the moment

of our fragility;

it also turns it to strength and

sends it back to our nonhidden heart

so we can advance once again

and reach new heights.

Waseem Sherif  18/07/2016

something on-the-spot for the Daily Prompt: Frail.

Unrevised Thoughts 18/07/2016

Written for the Daily Prompt: Drive.


I’m looking at the world

and I’m looking at mine

I can’t help but notice

the difference in our drive


See the people yearning

the sun scorching

I’m scared of the heat

I put a hold on my life.


I have some time to think

why is it that I’m here?

questions fill my mind

the world closes in on me


It is occupied by movement

which I’m incapable of following

although I know what propels it

I can’t accept its pragmatic nature


my drive shall be my own

from its inception to the movement

that will follow

and I will be gliding towards

the sun daring and unafraid.


Waseem Sherif  18/07/2016

[Impromptu poem] a little bit of fact and a little bit of fiction. 

10 TD

I was organizing my picture archive folders and I came across these close-up pictures of a 10 Tunisian Dinar bill taken in 2014. That’s Aboul Qacim Echebbi (1909-1934), a Tunisian poet.


I don’t remember why I took these pictures. Most likely I was bored! They look good with that texture in focus. I think they fit perfectly in the “Details” Photo Challenge.

My Summer 2016 Anime Line-up (Part 2)

read PART ONE 

Here comes the second batch of titles I have checked in the past few days. these are just quick first impression notes.

Tales of Zestiria the X: (fantasy based on a game). never played the game before. this first episode is in fact a prologue to the actual series. (that’s how Ufotable does it!) I picked this, because of the studio animating it which brought to life one of my favorite series before: Fate/Zero. way too much CGI in this. I don’t think it’s working well this time. we’re looking at an apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic story with a company that’ll save the world… i guess. I can’t get anything out of a prologue. I’ll update this in part 2 after watching episode 1.

I watched the first ep and it was great! I hear that they filled in some gaps from the game. the CGI in this ep improved from the prologue. for people who don’t know the game/story, it’s early to judge but I personally like the slow pace of story telling alongside balanced attention to everything including SFX, BGM, animation, plot etc… If the series is at least 25 eps (which is most likely the case here) then that type of story telling is perfect for building the world and the characters too. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

Mob Psycho 100: (shounen, action, supernatural, comedy) by the creator of Onepunch-man (manga). brought to us by Bones not Madhouse though but a lot of my favorites came from Bones and I think this is carrying OPM’s momentum and hype so I wouldn’t be surprised if this title is backed by a huge budget (like OPM from what I’ve heard. it WAS an incredibly well-animated series after all.)

OOH YEEAAAAHHH!!! this is friggin’ awesome! I haven’t seen animation this good in a while! It’s screams sakuga from beginning to finish! I’m glad they kept ONE’s art style and morphed it into a great animation style. I haven’t enjoyed an OP this much since Ranpo Kitan’s.

ReLIFE: (supernatural, school life, slife of life, romance) This series is already available in its entirety. I watched it back to back last night. that’s enough to say that I really liked it. In fact, I’m going to resume reading the manga.

Tenkyou no Alderamin: (shounen, adventure, fantasy) not expecting much from this. I’ll check it out anyways.

as expected! which is not much, like i said. but it’s got potential to be a decent adventure story.

Battery: (shounen, sports (baseball)) I’m a fan of Diamond no Ace so i’m hoping this would fill the void DnA left recently. but based on the synopsis, I think this is going to be very different.

I’m disappointed that this has 11 episodes only. Based on the first ep, it’s really slow. I wonder if we really get to see character development and enjoy some intense matches. I think this’ll focus more on the drama and slice of life part than on the sports.

Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu: Second season of Arslan Senki. I got nothing to say about this other than it’s guaranteed to be good.

Bananya: a very sweet and cute anime about a cat in a banana. I love this cute genre. it’s a nice breather from the serious anime I usually watch.

There are many prospects this season but only one title that got me excited, Mob Psycho 100. I love the visuals in Orange and the light-hearted story of Amaama to Inazuma and Bananya. I’ll be watching the following titles but they’re at the bottom of my priority list so it might happen that I’ll never finish them. Tales of Zestiria the X, DAYS, Battery, and D.Gray-man Hallow.