Weekly Picks 17/08/2016


I haven’t posted any new pictures since last week. That’s because I was playing around with my recently installed Adobe Lightroom.

Here’s a few final products. I focused on black and white and selective colors. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Random Access Pictures: 08/08/2016

♦ Artifact ♦

This piece was found in my family’s property years ago. A history professor from our town checked it out and said it’s fine to keep it. That’s what I remember. I was really small at the time. I wish I remember how old it is. I guess we’ll take it to a museum soon.

Seeing something that survived centuries broadens one’s perception of the “timeline”. We all wake up everyday to do what we do for our futures and some of us just live for the day. Especially in our current time, we get swallowed whole into the fast-paced modern life that we seldom notice leaving behind some of our history and traditions. This is a personal opinion of course but I do believe it is happening. At least in my country, I’m witnessing the growing disregard for our heritage. It’s such a shame. There is no such thing as an argument against progress but let’s not lose our identity in the process.

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♦ Yashica Electro 35

Impromptu Poem 06/08/2016

My image is fading from my innate vision.

I am a silhouette cracked by

naked tree branches like dry veins.

I crumble to a pile of defeated dignity.

An air of insecurity looms over my living remains.

The world denies my mantras and

I fail to comprehend the logic behind its beliefs.

Perhaps it is rejection rather than incomprehension.


Waseem Sherif 06/08/2016

another impromptu write on the phone.

Random Access Pictures: 06/08/2016

Random Access Pictures: Yashica Electro 35 

UPDATE: Random Access Pictures is a series of posts where I’ll post pictures of random things. I’m starting with old stuff.

This was my dad’s camera from decades ago. I never got to use it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the zoom lens that’s supposed to be stored with it.

It’s a Yashica Electro 35, a popular camera during the 1960’s and 1970’s, or so I’ve heard. Such a shame that it doesn’t work anymore. It’s aperture-priority only but still offers few options that my current bridge camera doesn’t have, at least in terms of aperture range!


As soon as I read the word “craving” in the Daily Post’s daily prompt, I heard my girlfriend’s voice in my head, a whole bunch of them over each other: “I’m craving for chocolate! I’m craving for snacks! I’m craving for burger! I’m craving for marshmallows! I’m craving for etc…!”

She says that almost every day that I kinda started anticipating that utterance just from her facial expression! It’s actually adorable though. Most of the time, I can’t help but offer her or let her have snacks (which is not good for her health). Sometimes, I iron my heart and stop her from having snacks. Her expression gets even more adorable! (which I like!)

One of the things I enjoy in our relationship is food talk (and having a good meal together obviously). Why do I enjoy a conversation about food with my girlfriend? Well, I just love the cute expressions she makes when she talks about food. :3

Although the reason why women crave sugary and fatty snacks might be attributed to the menstrual cycle and its entailing deficiencies of certain minerals in the body, my girlfriend just genuinely loves food, plain and simple!

I Run; I Disappear

I run.
a life of fruitless choices chase
after me as I run towards an
alternate path
but only in my mind.

I run.
the ghosts of things I cling to
walk in my shadow until the darkness of
eclipse devours them
and they disappear…

Words I left behind make up
the nonsense that would read like
fake ancient murals telling
the end of worlds.
Eventually they’d be eaten away by time
and become a testament to nothing.

Some voices push me to the edge
by their rejecting and hateful screams.
Some voices cushion me just by
the echoes of their soft whispers
yet I disappear
for deep inside, I want to…


Waseem Sherif © 03/08/2016

Battling with Long Exposure: Round 01

As the title suggests, this will be a series of posts where I’ll share my challenge to learn and shoot long-exposure photography with a limited bridge camera. I’ve only recently acquired a camera with a manual mode so I just started learning the basics of photography.

However, I want to try different things and not restrict the concepts in my head just because my current camera can’t achieve them. When the time comes to get a good DSLR, I’d still love to have all the ideas which I haven’t given up on now in my head. And I’d be ready with the technical knowledge to materialize them.

With that said, for now they’re just ideas. Right now I can only practice the basics of any style I want to try. But even that is really challenging. As you can see in the pictures below (my first light trails photographs), there are so many wrong to count. Even if many of which are because I live in a very small town where it’s difficult to find a place for a good angle, I could have done better. This round is my defeat!

I’ll keep trying to better my exposure and composition in the next round! >_<

At the end of the post I usually say “I hope you enjoyed the pictures” but I’m not sure you will! This time, the post is for me to chronicle my own progress but I’d really appreciate feedback and advice. ^_^