Websites I Automatically Check

Here’s a list of websites I automatically check when I turn on my laptop (not all of them but I certainly check a few every day.)

I don’t have a lot to say about them. Just check them out yourself. and I hope they’ll be helpful to you.

  • If you’re interested in photograhpy then you must check it out. You’ll get to see a different level of quality there which will push you to better your own work. at least that’s the effect it has on me. I have an account there. check it out. (I share the same photographs here too.)
  • This is a popular one. everything you need to know about movies and tv series. you can have your own watch lists.
  • it’s like imdb but for anime and manga. here, you can track your progress by the episode for the anime or by the chapter for the manga.
  • all about manga. you can also create your own reading lists and track your progress. almost all scanlation groups update their releases through this website so it’s really convenient. you don’t have to check every scanlator’s website to see if they have new releases. check this one first.
  • its name says it all. everything is poetry! Allpoetry helped me be a better writer. you won’t regret being a member there. although, to be honest, it’s been quite some time since the last time I visited it.

I only use the following websites because I can’t get what they offer the proper way. You can’t get original CDs and blu-rays in Tunisia. Most tv series reach the arabic tv channels at least 2 years after their initial airing in the US. Movies? well we dont have a cinema in the town. and we can’t afford the hollywood movies anyways. the only thing that I can get is books (the last book I bought from Al Kitab was A Game of Thrones, it cost me 30 dinars!) and Manga volumes which my brother buys for me from France.

I have hundreds of books in PDF and epub formats, but I prefer the actual physical thing! I have A Game of Thrones in PDF but I still bought the physical book because it was the right thing to do and because I was able to. For the things that I can’t have physically, I get from these websites for my personal use only. I’m not promoting piracy here! If you have access to movies and tv series the proper way, please don’t use these websites.

  • torrents for tv series
  • torrents for movies. decent HD quality for small size.
  • torrents in general.
  • english fansubs of anime series
  • anime/manga torrents
  • for books.


Hollywood Live-Action Adaptations of Manga & Anime

I always ask why do anime fans hate hollywood adaptations of anime titles so much? I ask that question to myself too since I also hate that idea. Although eventually I realized that I simply hate it because everybody else hates it too. It’s not reasonable for me to hate it then. So I tried to be open about it until I watched the trailer of Dragon Ball Evolution and then I got a real reason to hate it! However, I still kept an open mind.

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Repurposed VVindows

In photography, composition itself repurposes the subject.

In the following photographs, windows are not just windows, they are geometrical shapes (imperfect ones though). When you first look at them, the first thing you see is the shape not the subjet itself.

Photography is fun that way!

Shameless Promotion

I saw Ten and the first word came to mind was “Top”! We humans need to put everything in order and like to compartamentalize and label everything!

Anyways, I’d like to take this prompt number and shamelessly promote ten randomly-ordered posts.

I hope you won’t feel tricked into this post! just choose one and check it out.

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The Revolution We Needed

When having a casual talk with my family or other people in general and the topic changes to politics in the country, I always end up saying “I’m not even sure the true revolution even happened.” then they would look at me funny.

I’m proud to be a Tunisian. I witnessed and lived the revolution (I wish I could say I partook in it.) I know it happened. As if I have the right to confirm or deny whether such a historical feat took place or not! So what went through their minds wasn’t a doubt in my sanity, it was suspision. they probably thought I believed in the toppled regime. I couldn’t care less about the old regime the same way I don’t give a hoot about the new one.

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