Struggling With Privacy & Sharing

I don’t even now where to start with Privacy!

One of the few things that I always dream about is living in a small house somewhere in an isolated mountain with everything I need to be alone for the rest of my life. But everyone knows that isn’t healthy and it’s almost impossible.

I admit, I’m kinda paranoid when it comes to being online. After Snowden, who can blame me? I’m no computer wizard so what I can do is moderate my content and keep it to a minimum and within the limits of what I’m comfortable with sharing. I certainly am not going to check in with the world every hour on Facebook and chronicle my daily life with statuses and pictures. Oh I hate social networks!

In real life, to say I’m a private person is an understatement. I keep everything to myself and I keep people away. I might share possessions but not feelings and experiences. As you might have thought to yourselves now, it’s not healthy and it’s hurting me and my life. I’m struggling with it. I guess that is why I am here writing somewhat personal content from time to time to unburden myself.

Obviously, privacy is very important to me. However, I also understand that sharing is part of what makes us human. And denying it would do more harm than good.

Having said that, How far can I go with my online sharing? For a pessimistic and cynical man like me, I’m not sure I’d like to be here at all but I am. As I am typing these words, I am exposing myself, my nature and even my core weakness perhaps. So what am I feeling?

Introspectively, sharing my poetry and my journal bits can be therapeutic and satisfying. I know that I am writing for myself and I honestly don’t care what other people think of me. Being a private person and a very proud one, It’s the fact that a part of me split and left that I can’t accept.

Like I have written in a previous post, I’m in a constant conflict between the part that wants to be better and the part that despises change. A part of me looks at the world cynically and rejects sharing and the other hopefully embraces it.(Since I’m writing this now, the better part is winning but for how long?)

From a more grounded angle, I hate that my freedom can be exploited by others. In recent years, we’ve heard of enough online transgressions to make all of us rightfully paranoid.

To secure one’s privacy becomes a matter of dignity and freedom. The more I observe the world around me the more I realize we are helplessly losing the battle for our rights. The cynical in me sees that arguing about privacy in this age is utterly useless because simply there is no privacy to speak of. Hell, we’ll be lying to ourselves if we actually think we’re free!

But hey, my both sides agree on one thing! My thoughts are my own. I’m a free thinker. I truly believe that and that’s why nobody can take that from me.

By the way, that was my photo up there-  both light and dark or dark and darker!  I don’t have lighting equipment so I made do with my lamp. 

9 thoughts on “Struggling With Privacy & Sharing

  1. It is hard to balance sharing and privacy these days, I hope one day technology can bring back the control to mass majority rather than selective fews. just a wishful thinking –


    • I don’t think it’s wishful thinking. Social Networks such as Facebook were very influential during the Tunisian Revolution. I think that can be an example of technology giving the control to the masses.
      It was technology used with a purpose and a cause in mind.

      in our daily life, most of us use it aimlessly or perhaps only to feed our egos. and these online platforms keep expanding the profile features little by little until there isn’t an aspect of our life for which there isn’t a space to write it in in our profiles. they’re blurring the borders of privacy so it would difficult not to share.

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  2. Sharing on social media can be toxic but sharing person to person is what being human is all about. Sound like you are a lonely, go out do some activity to meet someone and have a ball….


  3. Your words really sum up the dilemma! I reckon a lot of people will relate to this. Also, do you find that being creative you want to cultivate some kind of space for integrity for your own ideas and work?


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