MM#002: A Moment’s Timelessness

Monochrome Monday: A Moment’s Timelessness


When I got to that place with the weary state of mind that I had at the time, I just wanted to stay there for more time than I could. Of course, in the end I couldn’t; real life issues snatch me away from my escapist ventures which is why this photo represents all that missing time.

4 thoughts on “MM#002: A Moment’s Timelessness

    • i’m really glad to know that a photo of mine prompted you to think beyond the photo itself. it’s what I strife to achieve in photography but was never able to.

      I’m trying to work on the optimistic side of me and looks like i’m on the right track.

      thank you for actually reading the about page and re-reading it; I always thought nobody cares! >_<

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      • That’s what is so damned hard…thinking that someone, anyone out there might give us a fleeting thought. It happens. It is truly a new habit to believe it can be so. You are such a gifted photographer. Your images capture the geometry of nature. Your black and whites are my favs. I look forward to more posts.


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