The Other Shoe That Was Dropped

Part of a small collection of random subjects at my brother-in-law’s house.


1 (4).jpg

This collection was shot at my brother-in-law’s house/farm. I started shooting for no purpose but then I developed an idea. I wanted to show him his own turf in a new way that perhaps he never paid attention to. After two days, we sat down, I showed him the photos and we talked about half the things in there. The other half he didn’t even remember when was the last time he used or saw even though he lives there. The photos were engaging to him because it was personal to some degree. Someday, I hope my photography can engage people on a much wider scale.


2 thoughts on “The Other Shoe That Was Dropped

  1. Your narrative made me reflect on my own blindness to things around my home. I can set a can of Pledge with the dusting rag on my mantle. I can forget I put it there. I can walk past it for days and then search for it. Hiding in plain sight. That’s how it is. Your inspiration here is spot on, Wassim.

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    • I’m glad to hear that 🙂
      I can relate. I guess it’s what I wanted to do: put all that’s hiding in plain sight in focus and then recollect those tiny bits of memories related to those things. I had a great time learning about them from my brother-in-law while we were viewing the photos.

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