My Nephew’s First Photos

I initiated my 8 years old nephew into photography a few weeks back. I gave him my very first compact camera a Panasonic FZ-1 and I had the Olympus OM-10; so unfortunately it’ll take a while before I can share my photos but you get to see the best of his photos.

He was enjoying the fact that he’s holding a camera so he wasn’t paying too much attention to my advice. Some of the photos show that he’s got potential though.


RAFRAF: How I See It

It feels like I’ve been your tour guide since the moment I turned this blog to a photography blog. 90% of the photos I share are snapshots of my hometown. Not to mention, the blog’s name contains a part of my hometown.

If I’m to take the challenge seriously and sctrictly then the photos would be like postcards and touristism brochures and I just don’t know how to do that. My photos are almost always stylized.

My first attempt (and the only, so far) at a photography series was a personal vision of my hometown (Ingrained in the Night), quite biased and personal. I’ll just share some of those photos again here and hopefully you enjoy them.

and these are some of the people of my hometown.