Flash Sessions N°02 Feat. Stripes

First of all, Flash is the name of the cat, not the photography device.

This is actually my 3rd session photographing Flash, the neighborhood cat but the first time doesn’t really count because I wasn’t there to shoot Flash, he just happened to be there.

He’s just so irresistable. He doesn’t let you go until you played with him! He follows me around all the time. I always think he wants food so I give him some and hope he leaves me alone for a while but he just keeps coming back. I thought ok, could it be that he simply likes me or perhaps he chose me as his pet-human? and I think that’s the case! Well, he’s my favorite cat for sure and right now, my muse too!


He’s going for my coffee here.

He goes to the rooftop of the building with me while I enjoy a good cup of coffee and a good piece of music. All the photos were taken there. this time, he was accompanied by another cat, Stripes.


Stripes was stuck in the mosque opposite the building where i live for over 2 months. the neighbours and I had to throw him food from our side until I was able to contact the maintenance guy for the mosque to get him out. He’s way more wary of people than Flash. It was difficult moving around with him being so prudent and ready to run all the time. That did not stop me from taking decent shots of him.

I had so much fun despite the not-so-great light. Next time, I hope I can photograph them at a better time for better light. Expect more Flash Sessions!

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