[Randomness] 017 Garlic, for the memes!

enjoy this photo that’s the fruit vegetable of boredom!


I  hate garlic btw.

Stripes & Flash Pseudo-portraits!


Stripes was chilling quite comfortably while I was taking photos then Flash saw me. he chased Stripes away! He really wants to be photographed and I wasn’t going to disappoint!

“FLASH” Sessions N°05 Feat. “Stripes”

Same place, same time, same adorable cats…

Flash is getting a bit fat. He’s a spoiled cat. half the neighborhood give him food when they can. Some even let him eat indoors so the other cats don’t steal his food.

I can’t let him in but I do stand guard when he’s eating, I also give some of the food to the other cats so they won’t start a fight.

Stripes was there and she’s as wary of people as usual. I can’t get too close so I’m forced to crop the photos during post-processing.