I Found a Newborn Kitten!

This morning I heard birds chirping. The sound was really close and I knew it wasn’t flying. I thought it was a bird got stuck somewhere near the house. I went to check it out and it turns out I was half right. There was a kitten (not a bird) stuck in our flower pot-filled balcony between one of the pots and the wall. The Poor kitten was probably born a few hours ago. Its eyes were closed and it could barely walk. I got it out as gently as I could.

I really didn’t know what to do. The other neighborhood cats, all three of them, were around me and they were so intently observing me that I almost heard them saying “Don’t mess this up, human!” Anyway, I put the kitten on a safe corner then I went home to get a syringe and some milk. I really have no experience with this and I didn’t have time to google a how-to!

So I started feeding the kitten slowly. At first, it was taking it then it started to agitate. The other cats were still staring. At this moment I noticed that Stripes was really close and she’s only getting closer to me which is quite unusual because if you have read my previous posts you’d know she doesn’t get familiar with people. she’s always on alert, never gets too close to humans. I extended my hand to Stripes and she didn’t back away. That’s when I knew the kitten is hers.

I was so relieved. I put the kitten down.This time it’s my turn to back away. She grabbed her kitten and went back to balcony and settled down in the biggest pot in there. I assume she figured it’s safer there than in open space. However I’m concerned that the kitten will fall down from the pot again because I assume that’s how it got stuck in the first place. I noticed that it keeps on moving but its eyes are closed so it doesn’t really see anything. So now I have to keep an eye on them as long as I can.

Here are the first photos I took. That is the only angle from which I could take the photo. It’s really narrow and Stripes, fearing for her kitten, gets in the way every time I open the balcony door to give her food or take photos.

I want to help them as much as I can so if you have experience with this, please feel free to give me advise in the comments section. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “I Found a Newborn Kitten!

  1. Kittens can’t really digest milk that isn’t from their mothers or specific kitten formula. If you do see the kitten again and it seems ill, you might want to take it to a vet to make sure it’s digesting things okay. Just an FYI!

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