I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 04

Today, I got a sign that Fluff is going to be a lively and fun cat. I already noticed that he just can’t sit still since the beginning but today he’s moving too much. This could mean so many things but I’ll ignore everything and just say that he’s going to be a funny and playful cat because I just want him to be that way so I can play with him!!

That would be the same with Kuro except for the fact that he doesn’t seem to be very active. I wish I could take clearer photos of him too. Unfortunately, he’s always in the background facing the box walls or sleeping in the corners (while Fluff is sleeping on top of him!)

Looking at them now, I can almost see the strange dynamic that these cute kittens will grow up to have. I guess I really must keep track of their development through my lens and this journal series. It’s difficult for me to maintain daily entries because the blog isn’t a priority but I’ll do my best.


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