I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 3

As promised I have better photos of the kittens today even if they’e only slightly better.

Also, You get to know their names! All right everyone! Meet Fluff and Kuro! (Kuro is Black in Japanese > now you know which is which!) My girlfriend named them. And I couldn’t come up with better names even if I tried. I suck at naming cats!


At first, Stripes came between me (my camera) and her babies as expected (you can see her as the blurred parts in some of the photos) but then she just stepped aside! She keeps surprising me. I’m liking her even more!

I noticed that they’e starting to open their eyes a bit now. They can’t see yet though.


I found a bowl full of milk beside the box. That means the neighbors are keeping an eye on them too which is great.

I’ll keep chronicling Fluff and Kuro’s development by taking photos every day for as long as I can.

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