“as is”

Every year, I spend a few days at my sister’s place in Misteer and I document the stay through my cameras. From those photos, I created a few collections that helped me find myself during times of grief. They are too personal to share online but at the very least, I’d like to share this tiny collection.

First things first, I absolutely hate filters! In fact, there’s nothing I hate more than over-processed and heavily-altered photos. I’d go to even further lengths than that and say that I don’t like digital photography anymore. Nevertheless, it’s what we have now. Besides, film photography – my preferred style – is a very distant possiblity for me right now. In the end I used (unintentionally) digital filters to emulate the look and style I needed for this year’s collection. I was simply trying vintage filters and I ended up going with it. I thought about it after the fact and I concluded that I probably needed more warmth this time than last year’s gloomy black-and-white feel. It makes sense after what I went through.

Now concerning the photos, the title of the collection should give you a hint on what to expect, or rather what not to expect. Which is perfectly placed and meticulously cleaned subjects. I just point and shoot the subjects “as is”. That’s a decision I made about a year ago and it worked well for me. I free myself from judgments and outside expectations. I found that my photos became more in line with my emotional states.

[Journal] 23rd July 2020

and so it begins –

the downward spiral
into unnamed emotions
a swell of contradictions
and paradoxes

I’m in the world where
a smile is not a smile
a tear is a flood of guilt
and silence is an endless eulogy

Death is human
It’s disbelief and faith
It’s sadness and peace
It’s anger and catharsis
Eternally in conflict

That is the world I am in.

Wassim Cherif on the 23rd of July 2020.

July 2019 I lost my mother. July 2020 I lost my father. May they rest in peace.

No matter how many times I try to write about it, I end up deleting the post eventually. Language isn’t enough.

Eye Trip

This one is taken specifically for a Photo Quest titled “Broken Reality” on 500px. I’ve read the challenge description and checked the “inspiration” photos; I can’t do what they’re asking. It’s not my style to do composites and heavily-edit and process my work. Also, I don’t have all the techniques down, yet.

Anyways, I always do what I do best, my own style. This was a mix of vision and instinctive photography. I did some post-processing, nothing excessive, the only notable edit was the grain because… why not?!

Intentional Abstraction: Eye Trip