“as is”

Every year, I spend a few days at my sister’s place in Misteer and I document the stay through my cameras. From those photos, I created a few collections that helped me find myself during times of grief. They are too personal to share online but at the very least, I’d like to share this tiny collection.

First things first, I absolutely hate filters! In fact, there’s nothing I hate more than over-processed and heavily-altered photos. I’d go to even further lengths than that and say that I don’t like digital photography anymore. Nevertheless, it’s what we have now. Besides, film photography – my preferred style – is a very distant possiblity for me right now. In the end I used (unintentionally) digital filters to emulate the look and style I needed for this year’s collection. I was simply trying vintage filters and I ended up going with it. I thought about it after the fact and I concluded that I probably needed more warmth this time than last year’s gloomy black-and-white feel. It makes sense after what I went through.

Now concerning the photos, the title of the collection should give you a hint on what to expect, or rather what not to expect. Which is perfectly placed and meticulously cleaned subjects. I just point and shoot the subjects “as is”. That’s a decision I made about a year ago and it worked well for me. I free myself from judgments and outside expectations. I found that my photos became more in line with my emotional states.

Pictures: Recycled: Abstract

Just fooling around with Photoshop.

I take a lot of meaningless pictures while practicing photography or just being bored. Instead of them collecting digital dust or getting erased (which I never do), I thought why not take those shots and merge them into abstract-like pictures.

I’m not a pro at Photoshop but I experimented on my own for years while trying to create my own album covers back when I used to write rap songs, only for myself though.(maybe someday I’ll share the instrumentals and lyrics but I’m not confident enough in my singing! >_< )

Anyways, I know enough of Photoshop to transform a dull and plain picture into something worth seeing.

They are few but they took me a while to finish. I hope you’ll like them.

These are the source pictures.

’til the next batch! ^_^

My Anime Preferences & Spring Season Line-up 2016

Since this is my first post about anime, I need to lay out the grounds before moving on. It’s going to be a long post so bear with it. All titles are linked to their respective pages on myanimelist.com. 

I’ve been a fan of anime for quite some time. I used to watch all that I could find –  everything. However, free time and free mind aren’t and won’t always be free. There are priorities. Now I no longer watch everything that every season has to offer.

What I do now is select a line-up of three or four anime on every season based on my favorite genres and preferences. (To be honest, I haven’t been able to be up-to-date even with the titles I chose. I always end up marathoning them months later!)

Well, my preferences  are many but also strict and unique: Science fiction (preferably, with great animation and post-apocalyptic themes), action/martial arts/supernatural (with a unique story and story-telling), slice of life (no school-life crap, the darker, more tragic the better) and sports (realistic and smart). It’s also important that any anime I watch focuses on character’s psychological developments. I also like the philosophical type; great examples of that are two of my all time favorites: Ergo Proxy and Wolf’s Rain. I like mystery too. not the detective type but the enigmatic and arcane.

Having listed my preferences, an outlook on the current spring season clearly shows that it offers very few interesting titles for my taste. But there bound to be at least one title that surprises (very much like Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi and Ajin in Winter Season 2016). We’ll see.

This season is full of mainstream shounen series which are not my go-to shows but I don’t particularly hate them when they’re done intelligently. I think Boku no Hero Academia is great within shounen parameters. Sousei no Onmyouji is a also okay. It’s got good action scenes and good animation so at least, I’m watching it for that.

My favorite shounen this season is the continuation of Ushio to Tora. First season gave me some serious feels! so I’m sticking to it this season too. Besides, I like stories that are inspired by Japanese folklore such as Youkai.

The previous titles are manga-based. There are also a few decent original anime this season. Bungou Stray Dogs and Kiznaiver are good examples. Bungou Stray Dogs is brought to us by my favorite studio, Bones (Darker than BLACK, Wolf’s Rain, Cowboy Bebop, FMA: Brotherhood). I’m definitely watching that!

The only anime that really drew me in though is Koutetsujou no Kabaneri! Awesome animation and story!  I hate zombie shows but this one got me hooked and I don’t think it’s going to let me go! That coming from someone like me should tell you something. Zombie-like creatures in a steampunk/industrial/feudal Japan is a unique premise to say the least. The protagonist is really likeable. After just one episode, his potential as a character is already radiating.


I haven’t been able to watch Joker Game but it seems like it’s right up my alley. I’ll check it as soon as possible.

My Line-up: (I just hope I’ll have the time and mood to keep up!)

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

Ushio to Tora (2nd Season)

Bungou Stray Dogs

Boku no Hero Academia

and possibly Joker Game.

I skipped a lot of titles based on genres and themes that are just not for me. but If you want to check everything here’s a Spring Season 2016 Anime Chart and a link to MAL’s Seasonal Anime page.

This was my introduction post into my anime preferences and the titles I have chosen to watch this season. It was also my intention to highlight a few titles that perhaps people with similar taste might enjoy too.

until the next anime post! 🙂

Daily Picks 16/04/2016

Earlier I posted a variety of pictures which I took over the years. This post is for pictures I took today.

Let’s start with a flower which I think it’s a type of zinnia (not sure).  It was in a vase with other flowers. (never crossed my mind to take a picture of the whole thing).


Now guys, meet Mr. Philips!


Believe me, I’m not into plushies or teddy bears! even as a kid, I never was! This one has a story though. It’s named Philips after my loudspeakers’ brand! You know, the electronics company, Philips!

The final pick of today is in fact my dinner. I fried some eggs with onion and heated lunch’s spaghetti. I’m not sure if the picture does it justice but it certainly was delicious!



Taking Pictures N°001

I gotta tell you! I’m no photographer! I just like taking pictures, that’s all. 🙂

I do have a lot of ideas though. The problem is, so many things get in the way, figuratively and literally. So I end up taking nature pictures and occasionally some objects.

I use a hand-me-down Panasonic DMC FZ1 (busted flash – no good indoor or night pictures) from my brother. You probably think this is a joke. smartphones have better quality!

Well, I love my camera and I wouldn’t change it no matter what! It’s perfect for outdoor captures. Besides,  that camera is like a friend! Call me sentimental, I don’t care. >_<

To be honest, I’m not knowledgeable about photography techniques or anything technical so I always disregard that and go straight to the idea. I believe if you have good ideas, you can take great pictures even with a handicapped camera. I know, with techniques, one can take even greater pics! but like I said, I’m not a photographer so I’m content with the pictures I take. 🙂

I do struggle with quality (for some pics I had to edit them a bit) but I enjoy taking pictures regardless. Here’s a batch of various shots and I hope you enjoy them as well.


Haiku #017

White and yellow

fight for red on a plate –

Dull days’ struggle

13/04/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Author’s Notes:

I just fried some eggs and put some H’rissa in the middle for dinner. for me, eggs are bland unless you eat them with some kind of sauce. that got me thinking! my days are the same! they need some excitement to spice things up a bit! >_< 


The Last Species on Earth

Street lanterns flicker as you trudge with your ivory feet.
Your wretched and writhing halo contorted pure lilies.
The very core of darkness makes home your lifeless eyes.
Your body creaks hauling itself to your primordial vice.

You sink your teeth in raw meat of the ancestral sage.
Sour blood drips as you lavishly gulp your days.
Language dies in shame uttered by your sinister tongue.
Dreams fade out to nightmares and the world becomes undone.


27/01/2016 © Waseem Sherif.