Camera: Olympus OM-10 | Film: Kodak Tri-X 400 @1600 ISO


R.I.P Nunu :(

My aunt’s cat Nunu passed away last night. He’s been with us for 15 years.  This was the last photo I took of him around a month ago. . There is so much I want say but for some reason I don’t want to write it.


K-TX 400-0001

Remember when I said developing my negatives in France would take a while? Well, scratch that! I got them. Something very lucky happened which I won’t bother go through here but what’s important is that I can finally see what my first couple of rolls of TX film look like. ^^

My expectations weren’t high since I know I was simply testing myself with this whole thing but I expected higher quality in terms of scanning at least. I also think the camera I’m using isn’t clean enough. On my front, I could use better focus on focus! Anyways, here’s my first pick, a mosque door at the center of my town. I wanted a better angle but I only have a 50mm prime lens with very limted space so that’s pretty much the only way I could have framed the whole door.



First Roll!

Today I finally got the prints of my first film roll.

I have way too many things to say about it and I feel much more! Let’s start with how happy I am that I didn’t “entirely” over/underexpose the photos. Since I shot without depending on a light meter (which was broken in the camera). That means, I’m on the right track in understanding exposure and light. I lost a lot of details, that’s for sure but for a first time shooting film and using a camera I haven’t used before; I’ll give myself a break!

I’m not happy with the print quality though (you’ll see, my ancient scanner didn’t help either!). They even scratched the negative! This is the only lab left in the city and they’re going to close in about a month. I knew they’re not going to give a hoot if I complained so I didn’t.

Another issue was the film. The only film available was Agfa Vista 200. I wanted a black and white film preferrably tri-x 400. Anyways, I was happy enough to shoot film so it’s fine. For next time, I already ordered Tri-x from Europe and I’ll also send my negative to be developed there. no more labs here.

Okay, now to show you what I’m talking about.

Here’s my first disaster of a photo! I had serious problems with manual focusing. I think I got only 2 or 3 sharp photos, the rest are so-so or comletely off.


I wanted to get closer to the cats but I was afraid they’d run away.

Next few photos still shaky but I was getting the hang of it.

The dull colors made me decide to turn all of them to monochrome later on. Well, this is good red… I think.


I can certainly enhance the overal quality of the photos on photoshop but then again, if I wanted vivid colors and clinical look, I’d just shoot digital. It’s exactly why I wanted a black & white film. In my opinion, that’s where film photography shines as opposed to digital black and white and color films. Well that’s just what I get from seeing all kinds of film photos but maybe after I shoot all kinds of films myself my impression will change.

Back to the photos. there’s the decent ones in which I got the closest to a correct exposure.

The few exposures left in the rool I shot indoors and they turned out okay.

I haven’t scanned all the photos yet so I’ll post more once I do.

I’m certain about one thing now, I definitely have to learn to develop films and get me a scanner that scans negative! All that after I get a SLR though! The one I used I simply borrowed.

I chose the worst time possible to start shooting film since almost all the labs are shutting down in my country. It’ll be difficult but I’ll manage.