Out of Place

On my way to a high location to get me a nice view of my town, I found this broken boat. It’s actually quite normal to see stuff out of place here. Apparently the owner of the boat used it to fill a gap in the fence around his land.


The Ghost of a Cat

Today’s pick is a photo with an unintentional motion effect. When I went for this shot I thought my ISO was 1600 or 3200 (that’s around my standard when I go out at night without tripod). Only when I released the shutter I figured that the ISO was only 800 so shutter speed was 1/4 at f5.6 which is the max for a 55mm focal length.

Well, even if I got the ISO right and I managed around 1/20 of shutter speed, I know my camera enough to know that it’s diffcult to focus in low light situations let alone focus on a moving subject! I just can’t help myself. I like cats!



Photo of the Day: Ridge

When I was up there under the midday sun, all I could think about was how it’d be amazing to shoot there during sunrise!


my father wanted the first one printed so I got it on a 30x45cm woodblock.