Well Pump

Part of a small collection of random subjects at my brother-in-law’s house.

1 (21).jpg

An old motor pumps water up from the well. There are a few patches of land around and that pump and well keep them alive.

K-TX 400-0001

Remember when I said developing my negatives in France would take a while? Well, scratch that! I got them. Something very lucky happened which I won’t bother go through here but what’s important is that I can finally see what my first couple of rolls of TX film look like. ^^

My expectations weren’t high since I know I was simply testing myself with this whole thing but I expected higher quality in terms of scanning at least. I also think the camera I’m using isn’t clean enough. On my front, I could use better focus on focus! Anyways, here’s my first pick, a mosque door at the center of my town. I wanted a better angle but I only have a 50mm prime lens with very limted space so that’s pretty much the only way I could have framed the whole door.



The Other Shoe That Was Dropped

Part of a small collection of random subjects at my brother-in-law’s house.


1 (4).jpg

This collection was shot at my brother-in-law’s house/farm. I started shooting for no purpose but then I developed an idea. I wanted to show him his own turf in a new way that perhaps he never paid attention to. After two days, we sat down, I showed him the photos and we talked about half the things in there. The other half he didn’t even remember when was the last time he used or saw even though he lives there. The photos were engaging to him because it was personal to some degree. Someday, I hope my photography can engage people on a much wider scale.


I’m Back

It’s been a while! I have a lot to catch up on here but I don’t have many new photos to post. I was shooting film this past month – just familiarizing myself with an analog camera.

I only have one problem: there’s no more labs developing films here anymore so I had to send my rolls to France to be developped there then will be sent back to me scanned. That might take a while.

While researching film photography, I found that Tri-X 400 films have the aesthetic that I’ve been looking for so that’s what I’m shooting now. These first few rolls are more of a test. Once I see how they’ll turn up, I’ll get down to business.

Here’s an imperfect Tri-X 400 emulated look. edited by Silver Efex Pro.


I will do my best to resume daily posting again! ^^