RAFRAF: Ingrained in the Night

This was my first photography project ever. It went through so many iterations due to my insufficient knowledge of photography at the time this was first shot.

There was a time when I’d grab my portable CD player and take a walk at night through the narrow streets of my hometown. It was strangely peaceful and liberating. I wasn’t the guy who liked people and crowds that much; roaming dark streets at night alone wasn’t as lonely as one would think. Years passed and I lost that part of my life until one night I took one shot in the neighborhood and when I started editing at home, the nostalgia hit and I almost felt free again. I wanted to feel more. And that’s how these photos came to be. They’re what I saw back in the day and also what I felt.

A second purpose for this series is that I also wanted to break free from the images that every one takes in my hometown which are solely focused on our great touristic beach. It is mostly depicted as clean and perfect whereas it is not.

When I first posted this series here (a year ago I think) I said it was incomplete and it still is. I think that I’ll always keep adding those snaps of my memory whenever I stumble upon them.

Ingrained in the night is a deeply personal project that allowed me to feel what I can’t feel anymore during this rigid state of the world.





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