Blurred Vision: Liquid Poetry

Thoughts and feelings… a story of never ending divide and compromise… but no winners and no losers… they are after all… me.

Blurred Vision: Unnamed Feelings

The new photography approach journey continues… I picked my first camera ever: a 2mp point and shoot again after so many years. It felt so refreshing using it again. And it certainly helped with my new decision-free approach.

Hope from the Lamp

These are one kind of photos I create when I’m bored inside the house, minimlistic black and white abstracts.

I took the photos. I edited them. And I had no idea what I was creating; It was me killing time, that’s all. However, now when I look at them, there is too much blackness and it feels like it’s trying to envelop the little bit of light left which is strong enough to hang on and actually manage to stay within the frame.

If I saw that much hope in these extremely simple frames then I guess I’m not as cynical as I thought.