Catching Raindrops

My least favorite season is over and my most favorite is here. It’s finally raining again after a three-month no-rain summer!

I tried to stop raindrops on a photo. We all know what to do to get that shot but it’s still a bit tough. This is my first try and it wasn’t planned so the background wasn’t as clear as I wanted it to be and the raindrops not as focused as well.

All in all, this is an amateurishly-done photo. However, I’m in a sharing mood today and that’s why you get to see it regardless!

Any better ideas on freezing rain aside from fast shutter speed and manual focus?

[Journal] Impromptu post 12/01/17

Back to wordpress after a long absence.

I’m sort of lost in finding my way through both the material world and the virtual. I have lost sight of what’s outside the walls. I can only see the ghosts of things now and their fleeting interval of existence.

I indulge myself in my arts feeding off of this negative state. Trying to determine the path through color tones and language nuances even if most of the time they betray me.

I end up fading into a self I never knew before.

Picks from Nov. 21st 2016

I hope you enjoyed the photos. ’til next time. ^_^