Cat Portrait

This is one of my favorite photos.

The cat really made my day. On my way home from a disappointing shoot, I found him there in his perfect graceful posture. I took a few shots. It wasn’t difficult because he’s one of the neighborhood’s stray cats and he knows me. I love that he was looking right at the camera the whole time. I can easily say this is the best photo I’ve taken since I owned a camera.


Later on that day, I found him sleeping at the same place.


Traditional Market

Last November, I visited a Tunisian traditional market in Nabel (a governorate in Tunisia). I took a few pictures of the traditional crafts available there.

Most of the products have roots in Tunisian and Mediterranean heritage.

I’m too tired to write about the day. I’ll just post the photos and be done with this post so I can get some sleep. -_-

We finally get to Nabel. Then as usual, I bring out the camera and start shooting anything and everything.

Now we get to the crafts!

I found an adorable cat. I baited him with my  left hand while I took the pic with the other.


After Nabel and its traditional market, we went to Friguia Park but that’s for another post.

On the way home, in the bus, through the window: