Picks from October 2016

The photos were in fact taken this past week.

It’s been a while since I devoted time to photography. I’ve been busy with other stuff. I miss taking pictures and I miss the blog too.

I hope you enjoy the variety of subjects. Until next post.

Weekly Picks 30/07/2016

I finally was able to take a few good shots of the neighborhood cats. They’re all close-up ’cause I like it that way and also the place was dirty. >_<

I’m still figuring out and practicing the manual mode. I’m getting there bit by bit.

10 TD

I was organizing my picture archive folders and I came across these close-up pictures of a 10 Tunisian Dinar bill taken in 2014. That’s Aboul Qacim Echebbi (1909-1934), a Tunisian poet.


I don’t remember why I took these pictures. Most likely I was bored! They look good with that texture in focus. I think they fit perfectly in the “Details” Photo Challenge.