A World of its Own

I don’t have much to say about this little collection. I found a subject then I proceeded to take photos of. I kinda got tired of this method. I will soon be posting an article on my new approach to photography.

The following ones are taken with a phone and lightly-processed with Lightroom mobile – also something (post-processing) I don’t want to do anymore.

Picks from my Phone’s Gallery

I usually hate using a phone as a camera because I don’t have as much control compared to an actual camera. BUT, my new approach to photography (which I’ll write about in another post soon) takes care of that issue. I don’t want control anymore! I only want to point & shoot. back to basics, I guess.

Here are a few recent picks from my phone gallery.

To me, using the phone as a camera feels like cheating. I can’t deny I take some good shots sometimes! Still! Cheating! I really hate smartphones!