I spent some time yesterday looking up those weekly challenges specified per day. I thought they’d help me keep posting on a daily basis.

So today is Monochrome Monday.

By default, I post a lot of black & white so I won’t do that during Mondays anymore since monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean B&W, I can keep a single color. Although I’m not a fan of the idea but for the sake of mixing things up, that is what I’ll do.


One Year on WordPress

So WordPress has notified me that I’ve been here for a year.

It didn’t feel like it though. The reason is I’m not contantly active. So far, I haven’t made friends or got myself a big following but I’m pleased to say that I have crossed off a goal from my list of things to achieve by writing a blog. I am now more comfortable in sharing. I may not be where I want to be but It’s definitely a start.

So I guess I’m not leaving wordpress any time soon.

Currently, I have a 106 followers and I want to thank them all. I can’t believe anyone would want to read my depressing poetry or take the time to read my personal rantings but you guys did so thanks!

Recently, I’ve been putting everything I have into photography and I hope you’re enjoying my photos. I’m planning on posting at least a photo everyday through my second wordpress year. I aim to continue my current focus on unconventional photography and also a bit of the nature/landscape stereotypes.

I’ll start with this photo that reflects my state of mind lately which unfortunately is more chaotic than it is stable.


Unrevised Thoughts 14/07/2016

born of clouds

mind wanderer silent among

grey-scale skies

strays in its own colorlessness

floating away from the weight of life

carried by its soft breaths to

the mystery it longs for

a creation of endlessness

consciously and subconsciously drives it

to the dreamiest corners of self-deception

trapping it in a Room of Empty Reveries

amidst the broken shape of its words,

their inception and their aftermath.


Waseem Sherif © 14/07/2016

un-revised thoughts, again! courtesy of insomnia and a mind that thinks too much for its own good!