Picks from Phone Gallery 2

This was at a wedding venue last year. That’s the ceiling.


Lantern in my sister’s house. Last year.



Enjoying a cup of coffee and a yu-gi-oh game in January this year.


My nephew found a snail. Told him to put it back; he said he liked how it felt as it crawled on his skin! January this year.



Slinky chilling/warming. A cold winter, this year!



Flash tempting me for a photoshoot! Also January this year.


April 2nd: A Welcome Interruption

Since I wasn’t posting much these past few months. I think sharing some photos from that time is a good idea. It was relatively less stressful time.

I still had space in my mind to read an Umberto Eco book on the rooftop! Not that Stripes let me do that in peace though. When cats own you, cats own you!

Chill! Have a Cup of Coffee!

Security is a heavy concept. I spent quite a while thinking about how I can deliver my take on it through a photograph. I didn’t go anywhere with my thoughts. So I said to myself: “Chill! get a coffee then you’ll figure it out.”

That was it! Coffee!


See, I always think too much into things while I don’t really have to. I just needed to take it easy. What was a complicated concept now is a clear idea in my head.

If I think of security as peace of mind and/or happiness, I guess it’d be a number of things I’d feel comfortable and happy doing like having a cup of coffee or shooting photos among other things.


About the Photos:

I was playing around with presets in Silver Efex Pro and I settled on these with minor edits because they’re soft on the eyes (at least, softer than my own B&W standard). So yeah, Chill!

A Feast (of sorts)

Daily Prompt: Feast, huh.

Naturally, when hearing the word ‘feast’ I immediately think about food. I love food. but unfortunately right now I’m feasting on different kinds of sustenance:

Photography books/magazines and Anime.

I’m trying to learn more about photography. I believe that practicing and learning from one’s own experiences is the way to do it. But not without getting down the basics and you can only do that by studying. That’s why I’m reading photography books and magazines. I started with Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and Langford’s Starting Photography by Michael Langford & Philip Andrews. 

I also quench my thirst for anime. I usually focus on a genre for a period of time. These days I’m watching sports anime specifically, Over Drive and Giant Killing. I’m planning to watch Hungry Heart: Wild Striker and Majors afterwards.

This post is not going to end without pictures! Here’s another batch of recycled picture mesh. Not as good as the first ones. I have no idea what kind of pictures I’ll end up with when I start Photoshop. I just keep changing things and experimenting until I think it’s enough. I wanted to work and add more on these but I got tired. >_<


A Quick Thought on Coffee & Time

I’m currently enjoying my coffee – very slowly, as usual, which brought to my mind the idea of this post!

See, my girlfriend and I are coffee people but we’re different in how we drink it! She actually has no problem finishing it in 2 or 3 gulps. Me on the other hand, it’s very important that I drink my coffee very slowly!

Not only my girlfriend, but I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t finish his coffee in 5 or 10 mins! >_<

You’re probably wondering why talk about this at all. I see coffee as something more than mere coffee. This surprised even myself but one day I realized that I drink coffee for peace of mind, stability and even for reflection. Once I have a coffee on my side, it’s like time stops and my life is cleared of all the bitterness. (which is ironic because coffee is bitter but perhaps, it is not. maybe it becomes bitter after absorbing my life’s bitterness.)


I guess I want that coffee time to extend as long as possible and that’s probably why I take my sweet time drinking bitter coffee!

I also started enjoying it even more when my girlfriend drinks with me. It has became a sort of a separate world for us. ❤

Anyways, this was just a quick thought as I finished my coffee slowly! To end this post, here’s a haiku for ya! 😀

Bitter elixir

dwells in the chalice of mind –

Majestic coffee.