Tall Clown; Short Clown!

My nephew has this game where there are 6 clown picture and each picture is broken into 8 pieces with different sizes. After rolling a 6-sided die (1 being the shortest size, 6 the tallest) in their respective turns, players take a piece of the picture with the same number they got some the die. After 8 turns (8 pieces) whoever got the tallest clown wins.

It’s a child’s game but my nephew made the whole family play with him!

When I saw the daily prompt, I immediatly remembered the game. Whether you win or lose, measure is what decides it. I also remembered that I took some photos while I played with him. I was way too lucky with the die rolls! I wanted to let him win but I kept getting fives and sixes! H didn’t nag or cry but I could feel his frustration, poor kid!


One Year on WordPress

So WordPress has notified me that I’ve been here for a year.

It didn’t feel like it though. The reason is I’m not contantly active. So far, I haven’t made friends or got myself a big following but I’m pleased to say that I have crossed off a goal from my list of things to achieve by writing a blog. I am now more comfortable in sharing. I may not be where I want to be but It’s definitely a start.

So I guess I’m not leaving wordpress any time soon.

Currently, I have a 106 followers and I want to thank them all. I can’t believe anyone would want to read my depressing poetry or take the time to read my personal rantings but you guys did so thanks!

Recently, I’ve been putting everything I have into photography and I hope you’re enjoying my photos. I’m planning on posting at least a photo everyday through my second wordpress year. I aim to continue my current focus on unconventional photography and also a bit of the nature/landscape stereotypes.

I’ll start with this photo that reflects my state of mind lately which unfortunately is more chaotic than it is stable.


The Word I Didnt Know!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything based on the Daily Prompts. So I thought it’s about time to check today’s word. Outlier. “I have no idea what that means!” that’s what I thought and that is the truth. English isn’t my native language so nobody can blame me for not knowing a word that doesn’t exist in the 3 dictionaries I own!

Anyways, I looked it up online and imagine my surprise when I finally learned that outlier actually describes me quite accurately.

I’m currently living the whole detachment from society thing. It started with me having a loner type character and a whole different set of interests than the people in my circles. I isolated myself, put everything I have in what I love doing until before I knew it I’m off the board, off the loop and off the map.

I was fine with it for some time until I realized that it wasn’t good for me. I think I talked about this in previous posts. I still don’t mind being an outlier; to my understanding of the term, I think i’m still an outlier but I’m working on changing that.

This blog and these types of posts are in fact part of me trying to change. I know my writing sucks and sometimes quite depressing but it helps me.

speaking of depressing, here’s a depressing self-portrait portraying the outlier within (or rather, without)!


Why Black and White?!

Most of the times I show my family and friends my monochrome pictures, I get a “why black and white?!” with a tone of disappointment. I reply half-heartedly with “I like how it looks” or “I just like it that way” because it’s a pain to explain.

I don’t have an issue with their reaction. This post isn’t for complaining. It’s my own response to that reaction that prompted me to this write. I want to give a true answer to that question. “Why black and white?!”

When I first started taking pictures – that would be around 8 years ago – my answer would have been “because it’s cool!” At that time, I knew nothing of photography. I just liked going out and taking pictures but I also preferred black and white back then – maybe not as much as now but still. The reason I did was because I had the childish idea that black and white photography is professional photography and if my pictures were in black and white they’d also look professional. man, I’m shrinking in my seat writing this down! it’s embarrassing!

Anyways, time moves on and my perception of things change as well as my understanding of photography in relation to myself. Now, at this stage (and only at this stage, because in a few years I will have learned more about myself and photography and I will have achieved yet another level of awareness. we always evolve.) I realize that black and white photography is what I’m ultimately learning photography for. I feel that no matter how uninteresting the subject is or how remote it is from myself, if I see it in black and white then that image in my head ends up representing a part of me most of the time.

I found that stripping a photograph of its colors is adding value to every pixel in it. Everything within the frame means something more than how my eyes naturally see it. And eventually it forms a bond with something in me, around me or makes me recall a certain life experience… whatever it does, it is ultimately an unseen thread of connection between the visible photograph and the invisible me. And that’s the kind of photography I want to one day produce. a black and white photography that touches other people from the inside and stirred them somehow.

Right now, I’m as far away from that as heaven and earth are but that’s the goal and that’s why I prefer black and white photography. Actually, I put it out in simple terms. This is one of those personal feelings that are hard for me to explain. I did my best though. And I hope it makes sense to even one reader. I’d be satisfied with that.

Keep Calm and Process to Black and White

I only recently started getting into photography seriously so I don’t know many black and white artists but my favorite so far is Vassilis Tangoulis. If you don’t know him already, you should check out his work on 500px.



This is my second Daily Prompt: Craft post. For the first click here.

The misspelling is intentional. I’ll be sharing a few pictures I took of my sister’s handcrafts work. Her name is Hend so… Hendcrafts.

She paints on pots, cloth, or anything she’d think would make of a nice decoration piece. She’s still learning.

Traditional Market

Last November, I visited a Tunisian traditional market in Nabel (a governorate in Tunisia). I took a few pictures of the traditional crafts available there.

Most of the products have roots in Tunisian and Mediterranean heritage.

I’m too tired to write about the day. I’ll just post the photos and be done with this post so I can get some sleep. -_-

We finally get to Nabel. Then as usual, I bring out the camera and start shooting anything and everything.

Now we get to the crafts!

I found an adorable cat. I baited him with my  left hand while I took the pic with the other.


After Nabel and its traditional market, we went to Friguia Park but that’s for another post.

On the way home, in the bus, through the window:

Websites I Automatically Check

Here’s a list of websites I automatically check when I turn on my laptop (not all of them but I certainly check a few every day.)

I don’t have a lot to say about them. Just check them out yourself. and I hope they’ll be helpful to you.

  • 500px.com: If you’re interested in photograhpy then you must check it out. You’ll get to see a different level of quality there which will push you to better your own work. at least that’s the effect it has on me. I have an account there. check it out. (I share the same photographs here too.)
  • imdb.com: This is a popular one. everything you need to know about movies and tv series. you can have your own watch lists.
  • myanimelist.net: it’s like imdb but for anime and manga. here, you can track your progress by the episode for the anime or by the chapter for the manga.
  • mangaupdates.com: all about manga. you can also create your own reading lists and track your progress. almost all scanlation groups update their releases through this website so it’s really convenient. you don’t have to check every scanlator’s website to see if they have new releases. check this one first.
  • Allpoetry.com: its name says it all. everything is poetry! Allpoetry helped me be a better writer. you won’t regret being a member there. although, to be honest, it’s been quite some time since the last time I visited it.

I only use the following websites because I can’t get what they offer the proper way. You can’t get original CDs and blu-rays in Tunisia. Most tv series reach the arabic tv channels at least 2 years after their initial airing in the US. Movies? well we dont have a cinema in the town. and we can’t afford the hollywood movies anyways. the only thing that I can get is books (the last book I bought from Al Kitab was A Game of Thrones, it cost me 30 dinars!) and Manga volumes which my brother buys for me from France.

I have hundreds of books in PDF and epub formats, but I prefer the actual physical thing! I have A Game of Thrones in PDF but I still bought the physical book because it was the right thing to do and because I was able to. For the things that I can’t have physically, I get from these websites for my personal use only. I’m not promoting piracy here! If you have access to movies and tv series the proper way, please don’t use these websites.

  • eztv.ag: torrents for tv series
  • yts.ag: torrents for movies. decent HD quality for small size.
  • extratorrent.cc: torrents in general.
  • horriblesubs.info: english fansubs of anime series
  • nyaa.se: anime/manga torrents
  • bookszz.org: for books.


Shameless Promotion

I saw Ten and the first word came to mind was “Top”! We humans need to put everything in order and like to compartamentalize and label everything!

Anyways, I’d like to take this prompt number and shamelessly promote ten randomly-ordered posts.

I hope you won’t feel tricked into this post! just choose one and check it out.

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