One Hundredth Post

This is my 100th post on wordpress! ^_^

I’m really not blogger material. I suck at writing. but I have my personal reasons for having this blog so I’m still a bit glad I made it to 100 posts. >_<

I decided to repost the poem in my first post on this blog.


I awake to the stale scent of life.
closing in walls confuse my eyes
as I rise to swallow my bland hours
in mechanical motions.

In this dwelling of guilt,
I consume my own dreams
I flee from myself
only to fall in the trap of existence:
false of nature and naturally artificial.

I wash my face before the mirror
it throws it back at me
drenched in disdain

I converse with withered Jasmine
hanging from that old chipped vase.
As I drink my coffee
slow paced
to feel every bitter sip that I deserve

I stare across the room
to the tilted frames of regret.
They conjure up memories
that I watch in monochrome gray
as my eyes chase the shapes
of cigarette smoke.

so I dip my quill in my Turkish coffee
and write upon piles of dry stains
distorted words and mutilated visions
on the edge-line of sanity.


I see his figure, ghastly and appalling.
He stands tall and sharp like an obelisk.
His face pallid, only hollow eyes distinguished
as if they carry the core of gravity
eyes like endless tunnels, I can’t find the light.

Like the gloomy days of a cold winter,
he trudges his way to me.

He stretches his arm, an invitation to days unlived.
“Take my hand” he says,
a voice as destructive as an earthquake.
shaking, I rest my palm on his.
An arcane cold takes home my hollowed chest.


26/02/2016 © Waseem Sherif