[Randomness] My Mind at 5 this Morning

I found myself at the rooftop of the building at 5 in the morning. From there, I took a photo of the Mosque’s rooftop.


I took a walk into the empty town streets afterwards. I chose to be extra strange with my photos today but they turned out not stranger than my usual shots after all.


My mind was foggy. I really didn’t know why I was out at that time with a camera. All I knew for sure was I couldn’t sleep.

A set of lines across those frames don’t really express how confused I was this morning. Maybe the water puddles in the rooftop do but still. The rest feel paradoxically neat and broken.

Perhaps, this one photo might have the right idea


I was out for about only 20 minutes, I think. It felt longer and most importantly, It felt tedious! I think I didn’t want to be out but also couldn’t stand being home. I guess this is why this photo represented home to me this morning.



Stories, Pt.3


Mesteerian Dawn 2


I have stories with sunsets and dawns,

crimson lights of ends and beginnings.

the sky is ablaze in a myriad of fire shades.


In my mind,  it was me at the center,

not the sun. I was the scorching sphere

radiating fiery flames as I rise and fall.


I was no such thing as light or hope.

I burn. I incinerate.

More than anything, I reveled in that thought

that I was in solitude. All alone.

Nothing dared to orbit my flares.

I was at peace.


The golden orb was now halved by

the horizon line and I was back to

the man who sat on the hill

to watch mere shades of the lonely color

that he will never be.


23/04/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Picture taken: [06:35] 04/08/2009