Unrevised Thoughts 18/07/2016

Written for the Daily Prompt: Drive.


I’m looking at the world

and I’m looking at mine

I can’t help but notice

the difference in our drive


See the people yearning

the sun scorching

I’m scared of the heat

I put a hold on my life.


I have some time to think

why is it that I’m here?

questions fill my mind

the world closes in on me


It is occupied by movement

which I’m incapable of following

although I know what propels it

I can’t accept its pragmatic nature


my drive shall be my own

from its inception to the movement

that will follow

and I will be gliding towards

the sun daring and unafraid.


Waseem Sherif  18/07/2016

[Impromptu poem] a little bit of fact and a little bit of fiction.