Today’s photo is titled Walls. And yes, I consider the sky a wall too (or anything concrete and that isn’t endless space!) because I consider my world a bubble. Overall, The photo is a rendition of the future that I see. It might be sunny up there but to me it looks fake.


A Snail Shell on A Tree Trunk

Today’s photo is rich in texture and contrast. A white snail shell I placed on a tree trunk with darker tones.

I like it a lot even though it doesn’t mean anything. I like the contrast between the fluid spiral line and the sharp and broken texture of the trunk suface. It looks like a photo that I can happily print, frame and hang on the wall. So I guess I’ll do that!

Speaking of printing photos, are you the kind of person who prefers prints or is satisfied with having the pictures on your computer or your phone? snail_shell

Structural Frames

This is a series I started by chance while shooting stuff at home.

The idea is to disregard the content in favor of its structure inside the frame. Basically, I focused entirely on composition.

That’s the extent of it. What the photos mean, that is up to you.