K-TX400-0011: Dumplings

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Camera: Olympus OM-10 | Film: Tri-X400 @800ASA

Jan. 19th, Three Years Ago

While organizing my photography archive (I do that every now and then), I got curious and looked for photos taken last year on today’s date but I couldn’t find any, not even the year before. I did however find a few from January 19th, 2014.

Just some casual shots I usually take when I’m bored.

I can’t remember but I can tell you it was really cold. I don’t eat in bed if it’s not cold. And that crépe is on top of my comforter.


The curtain is in my sister’s house. I guess I stayed at my sister that night.


And I have no idea why I shot the orange!


Taken with a point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ1.


As soon as I read the word “craving” in the Daily Post’s daily prompt, I heard my girlfriend’s voice in my head, a whole bunch of them over each other: “I’m craving for chocolate! I’m craving for snacks! I’m craving for burger! I’m craving for marshmallows! I’m craving for etc…!”

She says that almost every day that I kinda started anticipating that utterance just from her facial expression! It’s actually adorable though. Most of the time, I can’t help but offer her or let her have snacks (which is not good for her health). Sometimes, I iron my heart and stop her from having snacks. Her expression gets even more adorable! (which I like!)

One of the things I enjoy in our relationship is food talk (and having a good meal together obviously). Why do I enjoy a conversation about food with my girlfriend? Well, I just love the cute expressions she makes when she talks about food. :3

Although the reason why women crave sugary and fatty snacks might be attributed to the menstrual cycle and its entailing deficiencies of certain minerals in the body, my girlfriend just genuinely loves food, plain and simple!

Daily Picks 17/04/2016

Today, I wanted to post some shots of the neighborhood’s stray cats. We spoil them so they always hang around. But I guess, not today. 😦

I accepted that fact and went to find photo subjects elsewhere. I found this butterfly flying around a few trees alongside a bunch of bees!

I also found these beautiful flowers. To be honest, I don’t know their name. Please, enlighten me, if you know it. 🙂


I also took a few shots of lunch, here’s today’s pick. It’s fried potatoes with peppers, tomatoes and garlic, I think. It’s pretty good. Help yourselves! :3


I hope you enjoyed today’s picks! ^_^