Green is Easy on the Eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS easy Being Green

Green is generally associated with nature. Although I make it a point in life to challenge popular belief and common sense, I’ll have to go with the flow in order to share these photos that I took two days ago. It is spring after all.

I hope you like them.

Picks From Feb. 9th 2017

I took a walk looking for ineresting shadows (for WPC) even though I knew I wouldn’t find any; it was too cloudy. Anyways, I took some nice pictures regardless.

Tree. Branches. Dark Paths Across the Sky.

Lush Green in Winter

Kings of the Trash

The Oldest Door in Town (perhaps)


Daily Picks 01/05/2016



Verdant hues spring

from hopeful hearts,

serene soothing waves

sweeping my tired eyes,

washing away hidden

seas of stinging pains.


Her warm green embrace

in longing, in love, in devotion,

encompassed my blueish nature,

mended wounds pressing

lush skin against broken chest.

ethereal mesh floated majestically

under lenient sun rays.


01/05/2016 © Waseem Sherif