White Void

White walls all around –

a place where I live and die

by each passing thought.


Waseem Sherif © 05/07/2016

I don’t think this qualifies as a haiku! >_< well, think of it as a one-sentence poem!

so the walls in my room are white, the floor too. and I hate it. the room feels lonely, empty  and ill. Sometimes, it sort of intensifies my negativity! I gotta hang me some pictures up soon! 

Haiku #050

In the trees,

life rustles and breathes –

sounds of zen.


Waseem Sherif © 26/06/2016

I’m not into zen or anything like that. I just appreciate the stillness of a world untouched by man. I sit down among the trees to read or write or whatever i feel like doing (but not meditating). and along the way, I stop for a second, everything around feels like it’s got a life of their own (of course they do but I mean consciousness). It’s both eerie and comforting, if that ever makes sense! 

Echoing Silence

too many photos

on this lonely house’s walls –

echoing silence.



Waseem Sherif © 19//06/2016

There used to be a time when this small house was a lively home to 7 or 8 people, a big noisy family. now it’s just 3, even when we get together again for a night or two, it’s never the same. I guess, when times change, life loses something, and then another, until all that is left is silence.

Needles in the Heart

Needles in the Heart

in Haiku #043-45



Waking up each day

with a blank state of mind

Nothing feels right




Stepping out the door

to the deafening silence –

worlds in my head



whatever happens

some poems never end –

Needles in the heart


09/05/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Ever had one of those days? waking up burdened by a feeling you don’t recognize nor understand?

Haiku #041

writing poetry

with poor vocabulary –

my challenge


06/05/2016 Waseem Sherif

not that elevated diction is better than the clever use of figures of speech even with down-to-earth language but still.

At first, it was my struggle and it is, but I realized that if I take it as a struggle then I won’t be able to move forward. As a challenge, however, I’ll be able to enjoy the process of writing no matter what.

I have a really bad memory and it keeps getting worse. sometimes, it feels like I’m losing language with each passing day. but I keep reading and writing because poetry is worth it. Even with half a brain, I’ll still be writing.

Haiku #040

a humble advice –

don’t fret about syllables

in writing haiku.


04/05/2016 Waseem Sherif

I wrote this because I’ve seen a lot of haiku blogs being so fixated on the 5-7-5 form and forget the content.

I’m not an expert on haiku but I know that even the Japanese didn’t count syllables, it was something different that they count. We shouldn’t be so fixated on syllable count while writing English haiku.

There are many schools of haiku writing. Most of them has more to do with content rather than syllables. I fell in the mistake of writing a sentence and breaking it to 5-7-5 then call it a haiku. That was embarrassing. >_<

I’m still and will always be working on my craft. It’s more difficult than it seems.

First thing I did, disregarded the syllable count as long as the middle line is longer than the other two. That and I’m reading a loooot of Japanese haiku to immerse myself in its original essence. And I try to keep it simple because I think that is how it should be.


Morning to Midday in Haiku #032-038

My father, my brother-in-law and I had a lot of chores to do in our house today. All I did was water some trees and flowers in the garden though so I was able to write a few haiku on my phone. 🙂

From Morning to Midday, in Haiku. 


morning sun rises

the path to mesteer unfolds

a long day ahead


my brother-in-law

tending to the pave way

clearing grass


my father

painting the doors green

sweat’s at his chin


all working

suddenly we all stop

Adhan is heard


water flows

the soil slowly darkens

I wipe my forehead


under midday sun

working barefoot on wet soil

slightly refreshed


the chores are done

tiredness settles in now

we drink coke


05/05/2016 Waseem Sherif

After all that, I went down to the beach and took pictures!