Random Access Pictures: 08/08/2016

♦ Artifact ♦

This piece was found in my family’s property years ago. A history professor from our town checked it out and said it’s fine to keep it. That’s what I remember. I was really small at the time. I wish I remember how old it is. I guess we’ll take it to a museum soon.

Seeing something that survived centuries broadens one’s perception of the “timeline”. We all wake up everyday to do what we do for our futures and some of us just live for the day. Especially in our current time, we get swallowed whole into the fast-paced modern life that we seldom notice leaving behind some of our history and traditions. This is a personal opinion of course but I do believe it is happening. At least in my country, I’m witnessing the growing disregard for our heritage. It’s such a shame. There is no such thing as an argument against progress but let’s not lose our identity in the process.

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♦ Yashica Electro 35

Impromptu Untitled 27/04/2016

Broken melodies fall from a sky of doubt

like chaotic rain strings, weak to wind.

Distorted noise shatters this dreamer’s mind

into shards of glass, harmful only to itself.


The remnants hide in their own reflections.

Identity escapes through its own backdoor.

Confusion and Self-loathing sing and dance

along the falling broken melodies,

among these meaningless words of nothingness.


27/04/2016 © Waseem Sherif