Waseem Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 20

A Short, Sweet and Magical Post


This is Kuro and Fluff in mythical beast form, 1.5 the size and a hundred times cuter! They’re owning the rooftop and the hearts of the neighbors (and mine too^^) I mean, how can’t they?

Like you, I watch them grow by the day as Waseem chronicles their cuteness. I’m not there physically to take care of them, but it feels like they’re my own… er, co-own rather. I wouldn’t want Waseem’s neighbors to chase me hahahaha (Some of Waseem’s neighbors expressed their desire to take the kittens as pets once they’re old enough.)

Kuro, Fluff and mommy Stripes brighten our day, and I hope they brighten yours too. Til the next post!

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I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 18-19

Hello everyone! I got a real treat for you today.

Fluff and Kuro are growing up fast! And they’re becoming even more adorable and likeable. I even forgot to take photos and was just watching them play around. Don’t you worry though, we’re all getting out daily fix of cuteness today.

(Some of these photos are processed better than the others. Sorry about that.)

Day 18

They’re getting used to their new home which is now an old refrigerator (more specifically, its freezer!) They go out more now and come back inside only to sleep (they do that a lot though).

I’m truly happy about this for two reasons: the first being technical (I won’t bore you with specific details). It’s just easier to take photos of them while they’re out in the open with more light as opposed to inside (before: the box, now: the freezer) with only a couple of angles available to me (that’s my why my composition has been dull and amateurish so far). Now I can do better. The second reason is… well, also selfish…. I just want to be able to enjoy watching them play around as much as I can!

Day 19

Our cute protagonists inside the “freezer”!

Right outside the “freezer”, In the spirit of comic-cons, Kuro cosplaying as Fluff’s shadow! Before this, he was Fluff’s pillow!

more photos…

And finally…


I hope you enjoyed the extra photos in this post. Look forward to the next one!

I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 16-17

Hello everyone! Before I get to it I want to tell you that I’m really happy writing this post right now. Yesterday, I thought there will never be another entry in this post series again. (I tried writing the story but I just can’t get it right. So let’s lazily leave it at that and jump to the photos! (only one decent shot of the kittens today))


The box has been moved to a safer place. I only have one angle to take photos from but that’s fine as long as Fluff and Kuro are safe. I couldn’t capture Kuro today.

This is one of the best cat photos I’ve taken so far. All of the photos are mostly for web; this one however is definitely print material! Look how beautiful Stripes is!

Stripes, Beaker of Sadness, Mother of Kittens!

I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 15

Hello everyone!

I didn’t think I’d get the chance to take decent photos of Kuro this quick! I’m glad I did.

Today, Kuro proved that my initial impression of him was wrong. He was really playful and eager to get out of the box which is currently their home. Because of that, I was able to take clearer shots of him.

Kuro was able to steal most of my attention today (about damn time!) but that doesn’t mean I forgot about Fluff!

They really wanted to get out of the box and explore today. They were relentless in trying to climb the box walls (without success, of course). I got them out for a while then put them back in. I really don’t know what’s best for them at this point, keep them in or let them out and then set the box in a way so they can go back inside it on their own. They’re in the rooftop of a building not in the street so that’s good but still. So far, I’m playing it safe keeping them in until they’re older or someone with experience tells me what I should do.


I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day ~14

Hello again everyone! It’s been almost ten days since the last post in this series in which I promised to try and write it daily… It looks like I failed!

I did keep checking on the kittens though (missed a couple of days) although didn’t take photos regularly.

Fluff and Kuro are doing great! Fluff’s patterns are becoming more distinguished and detailed and I love it. Kuro being kuro (black) is cool in how black cats are cool! ( yup, that’s a solid argument for me! Black cats are cool. period.) Here’s the thing, I didn’t always think so.

Where I come from, the elders always tell us black cats belong to the Jinn* so naturally I grew up being scared of black cats. Obviously, it’s superstition but the idea was ingrained in me until I grew old enough to know better. Right now, Kuro is helping me completely erase that idea from the back of my head. I just hope I can take better shots of him. I could always pick him up and arrange a shot running the risk of disturbing them and I don’t want that. The moment will come on its own and it will be worth the wait. Photos like that mean much more to me.

Oh here’s another good photo of the mom.



*Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎, al-jinn), also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies (with the more broad meaning of spirits or demons, depending on source) are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. (Source: Wikipedia)

I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 05

Today I didn’t get the Fluff and Kuro photos I wanted because every time I went to shoot they were asleep.Certainly, I’m not writing an empty post. I don’t always include Stripes and Flash in this post series but they are always there. So this time, I focused on them instead of the kittens.

I picked a few nice shots of Stripes sharpening her claws.

I also got a confirmation from Flash that I’m his favorite human!


So I was taking photos of Stripes. I really didn’t get that many chances before because she never let me too close. I was making the most of the opportunity! Flash is always my favorite cat but at that moment I needed to shoot Stripes. I took my sweet time photographing her while Flash was behind me. He was trying to get my attention until he wasn’t. that’s when he pounced on her! He was jealous! When a cat gets jealous over you, you know you’re their favorite human!

And this is my favorite photo of the day.


I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 04

Today, I got a sign that Fluff is going to be a lively and fun cat. I already noticed that he just can’t sit still since the beginning but today he’s moving too much. This could mean so many things but I’ll ignore everything and just say that he’s going to be a funny and playful cat because I just want him to be that way so I can play with him!!

That would be the same with Kuro except for the fact that he doesn’t seem to be very active. I wish I could take clearer photos of him too. Unfortunately, he’s always in the background facing the box walls or sleeping in the corners (while Fluff is sleeping on top of him!)

Looking at them now, I can almost see the strange dynamic that these cute kittens will grow up to have. I guess I really must keep track of their development through my lens and this journal series. It’s difficult for me to maintain daily entries because the blog isn’t a priority but I’ll do my best.


I Found a Newborn Kitten | Day 3

As promised I have better photos of the kittens today even if they’e only slightly better.

Also, You get to know their names! All right everyone! Meet Fluff and Kuro! (Kuro is Black in Japanese > now you know which is which!) My girlfriend named them. And I couldn’t come up with better names even if I tried. I suck at naming cats!


At first, Stripes came between me (my camera) and her babies as expected (you can see her as the blurred parts in some of the photos) but then she just stepped aside! She keeps surprising me. I’m liking her even more!

I noticed that they’e starting to open their eyes a bit now. They can’t see yet though.


I found a bowl full of milk beside the box. That means the neighbors are keeping an eye on them too which is great.

I’ll keep chronicling Fluff and Kuro’s development by taking photos every day for as long as I can.

I Found a Newborn Kitten|Day 2

This is a follow-up on the previous post

So unfortunately, it turns out I was right being worried that the kitten might fall off the pot and get stuck again.

I came home this morning to check on the kitten and I found it in the corner stuck between two walls and the pot. I don’t know how long the poor thing has been there because I did not sleep in that house last night. I really hope it hasn’t been long since it fell.

I picked it up, put it in a cardboard box and set it in the rooftop. I went down to get some food for the mother and the camera but when I came back I was surprised to see a second kitten. And I was relieved; Yesterday I only found one and I wondered about the rest of the litter. Stripes is a young cat so those two kittens are probably the whole litter if it’s her first time giving birth.

I’m happy Stripes lets me get close to her now (not to her babies though!)

She doesn’t let me get too close and I respect that. I really don’t wanna be bitten and scratched by her! Anyways, I think she knows I’m tying to help so all she does is stand between them and me (and the camera!). These are the only decent photos I could take. The lack of light didn’t help. I’ll try force a few good ones tomorrow.  just need patience.

They’re cute, aren’t they?!

I kept checking on them every now and then. The last time I did I found Miki there too and I grabbed a quick one.


I’ll follow up on this story in a third post tomorrow. And I’ll do my best to take better shots.

I Found a Newborn Kitten!

This morning I heard birds chirping. The sound was really close and I knew it wasn’t flying. I thought it was a bird got stuck somewhere near the house. I went to check it out and it turns out I was half right. There was a kitten (not a bird) stuck in our flower pot-filled balcony between one of the pots and the wall. The Poor kitten was probably born a few hours ago. Its eyes were closed and it could barely walk. I got it out as gently as I could.

I really didn’t know what to do. The other neighborhood cats, all three of them, were around me and they were so intently observing me that I almost heard them saying “Don’t mess this up, human!” Anyway, I put the kitten on a safe corner then I went home to get a syringe and some milk. I really have no experience with this and I didn’t have time to google a how-to!

So I started feeding the kitten slowly. At first, it was taking it then it started to agitate. The other cats were still staring. At this moment I noticed that Stripes was really close and she’s only getting closer to me which is quite unusual because if you have read my previous posts you’d know she doesn’t get familiar with people. she’s always on alert, never gets too close to humans. I extended my hand to Stripes and she didn’t back away. That’s when I knew the kitten is hers.

I was so relieved. I put the kitten down.This time it’s my turn to back away. She grabbed her kitten and went back to balcony and settled down in the biggest pot in there. I assume she figured it’s safer there than in open space. However I’m concerned that the kitten will fall down from the pot again because I assume that’s how it got stuck in the first place. I noticed that it keeps on moving but its eyes are closed so it doesn’t really see anything. So now I have to keep an eye on them as long as I can.

Here are the first photos I took. That is the only angle from which I could take the photo. It’s really narrow and Stripes, fearing for her kitten, gets in the way every time I open the balcony door to give her food or take photos.

I want to help them as much as I can so if you have experience with this, please feel free to give me advise in the comments section. Thank you.