When I checked the weekly photography challenge I was listening to Tim Bowness’ Where You’re Always Been and I thought it could be great to accompany my photo with a verse from the song even though the connection might not be very obvious.

Everything around you 
Seems unreal and seems so vast 
The playthings of the present 
Fading snapshots from the past 
You’ll still be here tomorrow
In the places in between
In love with your own sorrow
Where you’ve always been

I have many photos (some of which I have already posted here before) that apply to this week’s challenge more than this one but I wanted to share my photos shot on film for now so there you go.


Black Walker

When I have cat photos that aren’t posted yet, I have to share them or else I don’t sleep at night!

Camera: Olympus OM-10 | Film: Kodacolor 200

KC_26 copy.JPG

I remember I wanted to attract his attention so I can capture his face but I was afraid I’d mess up the focus (it’s manual) or he’d get scared and runs away.

Well, the way it turned out, it made him look a bit cool, I think!