Picks from Nov. 21st 2016

I hope you enjoyed the photos. ’til next time. ^_^

A Feast (of sorts)

Daily Prompt: Feast, huh.

Naturally, when hearing the word ‘feast’ I immediately think about food. I love food. but unfortunately right now I’m feasting on different kinds of sustenance:

Photography books/magazines and Anime.

I’m trying to learn more about photography. I believe that practicing and learning from one’s own experiences is the way to do it. But not without getting down the basics and you can only do that by studying. That’s why I’m reading photography books and magazines. I started with Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and Langford’s Starting Photography by Michael Langford & Philip Andrews. 

I also quench my thirst for anime. I usually focus on a genre for a period of time. These days I’m watching sports anime specifically, Over Drive and Giant Killing. I’m planning to watch Hungry Heart: Wild Striker and Majors afterwards.

This post is not going to end without pictures! Here’s another batch of recycled picture mesh. Not as good as the first ones. I have no idea what kind of pictures I’ll end up with when I start Photoshop. I just keep changing things and experimenting until I think it’s enough. I wanted to work and add more on these but I got tired. >_<


Daily Picks 01/05/2016



Verdant hues spring

from hopeful hearts,

serene soothing waves

sweeping my tired eyes,

washing away hidden

seas of stinging pains.


Her warm green embrace

in longing, in love, in devotion,

encompassed my blueish nature,

mended wounds pressing

lush skin against broken chest.

ethereal mesh floated majestically

under lenient sun rays.


01/05/2016 © Waseem Sherif

Daily Picks 21/04/2016

No pictures today either.

Instead, here are some Picks from winter 2013 accompanied with on-the-spot poetry.


I have stories with the sea

told by no one,

known only to

my decaying memory.

In the end, all is left is grey.




I have stories with winter

and its shapeless clouds

wandering the skies

like I did

around the blurred borders of

dreams and reveries when

reality is shattered.





I have stories with leaves

once green and lush

now pale and pallid

like my complexion when

feelings retreat from my face

and hide in shyness of

their nature only to

defy on when a quill

is in my hand.


21/04/2016 © Waseem Sherif