Water Source

Today’s photo is a long exposure of a water source in a tiny cave.

I didn’t have my tripod with me so I made do with the surroundings. I fixed myself to a wall. There’s an indent in it, I fixed my hand-held camera in there and I took this 1.6 seconds exposure with minimal handshake. The portrait format didn’t help but it had to be that way.

Next time I go there, I promise a handshake-free photo.


Traditional Market

Last November, I visited a Tunisian traditional market in Nabel (a governorate in Tunisia). I took a few pictures of the traditional crafts available there.

Most of the products have roots in Tunisian and Mediterranean heritage.

I’m too tired to write about the day. I’ll just post the photos and be done with this post so I can get some sleep. -_-

We finally get to Nabel. Then as usual, I bring out the camera and start shooting anything and everything.

Now we get to the crafts!

I found an adorable cat. I baited him with my  left hand while I took the pic with the other.


After Nabel and its traditional market, we went to Friguia Park but that’s for another post.

On the way home, in the bus, through the window:

Lea is Her Name

“Lea” is my girlfriend’s name. And I’ve always loved it.

I love how it sounds. I love how it looks. I love what it means. I love everything about it and I love Lea.

Also, whenever I could, I reference this lovely name with its connotations in my writings. here’s an example.

But this post is part of the Weekly Photography Challenge: Names so there must be less words and more photos!

I was playing around with long-exposure a while ago and I took this picture. The approach is: the best way is the simplest. I couldn’t have portrayed her name better if I thought about a complex photograph so here it is laid bare in its luminous beauty in the darkness.


I did do this years ago though. It was rushed work but I still like it.

Look forward to a different take on WPC Names post. 🙂

Battling with Long Exposure: Round 01

As the title suggests, this will be a series of posts where I’ll share my challenge to learn and shoot long-exposure photography with a limited bridge camera. I’ve only recently acquired a camera with a manual mode so I just started learning the basics of photography.

However, I want to try different things and not restrict the concepts in my head just because my current camera can’t achieve them. When the time comes to get a good DSLR, I’d still love to have all the ideas which I haven’t given up on now in my head. And I’d be ready with the technical knowledge to materialize them.

With that said, for now they’re just ideas. Right now I can only practice the basics of any style I want to try. But even that is really challenging. As you can see in the pictures below (my first light trails photographs), there are so many wrong to count. Even if many of which are because I live in a very small town where it’s difficult to find a place for a good angle, I could have done better. This round is my defeat!

I’ll keep trying to better my exposure and composition in the next round! >_<

At the end of the post I usually say “I hope you enjoyed the pictures” but I’m not sure you will! This time, the post is for me to chronicle my own progress but I’d really appreciate feedback and advice. ^_^