The Strength Behind Frailty

There is a little world

hidden inside our hearts.

a two-faced principle that

follows and defies the rules

of our existence.

it’s a place where our feet

land when we stumble.

at its core, gravity pulls

our weakness at the moment

of our fragility;

it also turns it to strength and

sends it back to our nonhidden heart

so we can advance once again

and reach new heights.

Waseem Sherif  18/07/2016

something on-the-spot for the Daily Prompt: Frail.

The Last Species on Earth

Street lanterns flicker as you trudge with your ivory feet.
Your wretched and writhing halo contorted pure lilies.
The very core of darkness makes home your lifeless eyes.
Your body creaks hauling itself to your primordial vice.

You sink your teeth in raw meat of the ancestral sage.
Sour blood drips as you lavishly gulp your days.
Language dies in shame uttered by your sinister tongue.
Dreams fade out to nightmares and the world becomes undone.


27/01/2016 © Waseem Sherif.