A Walk in the Night: 11/May/2017 Midnight

I just came back home with these photos around an hour ago. I was itching to take some photos I couldn’t sleep. I had to go out an add a few more pieces to my Ingrained in the Night series.

The moon’s beautiful these days. I didn’t take as many photos as I’d hoped but I sure did enjoy the walk. I just love night walks. It’s quiet in the street and serene in my head.

The photo below is from the center of the town or perhaps the more lively part. Anyways, it’s not lively now as you can see.


Ingrained in the Night

These are a few sample photos from my humble first photography collection titled Ingrained in the Night.

The idea is to capture my hometown in all of its roughness, dirtiness, and imperfections. This is my hometown the way I see it.

The series is unfinished but once it’s complete I will post it all again. I hope you like the photos.

New Camera: Finally, M Mode!

I haven’t posted pictures in a while. I haven’t taken pictures worth sharing anyways. I got a new camera though. I’ll be taking it out to a test on the mountain road later. I’ll most likely be shooting the same landscapes I shared in my first Daily Picks posts but for me they’ll be different because I’ll be in control this time.

My first camera is mostly automatic; I couldn’t do much using it. With this new piece that features a Manual Exposure mode, I can finally get down the basics and try different things.

I’m grateful to my amazing Panasonic DMC-FZ1 even if it lacks manual controls. Actually, BECAUSE it is automatic that I was able to learn to see and notice potential subjects that others may miss and also frame well. Holding a point and shoot camera isn’t bad; your mind won’t be occupied by figuring out the right exposure and stuff. Alternatively, you’ll be studying your surroundings looking for an interesting subject and trying to frame it nicely to compensate for the other work done by the camera for you. in that respect, I think my time with it wasn’t wasted at all.


Now that I’m good enough at framing and composing, the new camera came to me in time so I can truly take a photograph and say I worked for it. I don’t know if that makes sense but I’m kinda too happy now that I’m saying stuff like that! :p

It’s not even new, as in recently released or something. It’s a Sony cyber-shot DSC H7 (2007 i think). I’m totally fine with it. If I got one of the newest models, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. So this is fine.

I still haven’t shot a picture that I’m satisfied with using manual settings yet (still learning >_< ) but here’s a few practice picks.

I hope you liked the pictures. I’m at the starting line here so I appreciate tips and advice; please feel free to drop a comment and don’t hold back. ^_^