States of Mind: Purification

mm4 (2)

When the baggage in my head becomes unbearably heavy I take a lonely walk and pretend it’s a dream where nothing else exists except me and raging Mesteerean winds and waters.

MM#002: A Moment’s Timelessness

Monochrome Monday: A Moment’s Timelessness


When I got to that place with the weary state of mind that I had at the time, I just wanted to stay there for more time than I could. Of course, in the end I couldn’t; real life issues snatch me away from my escapist ventures which is why this photo represents all that missing time.


I spent some time yesterday looking up those weekly challenges specified per day. I thought they’d help me keep posting on a daily basis.

So today is Monochrome Monday.

By default, I post a lot of black & white so I won’t do that during Mondays anymore since monochrome doesn’t necessarily mean B&W, I can keep a single color. Although I’m not a fan of the idea but for the sake of mixing things up, that is what I’ll do.